…is not a thing just yet. But hey, it might be, and then we can say we were the first: Cos on the 24th of this month the brand new Bebel Stage eight-day festival is kicking off, and it’s free entry too…could this become one of Berlin’s hotly anticipated yearly events? We think it just might….so let’s Bebel it baby.*

Bebel is not Babylon, but there are connections. No, wait, hear me out, okay? See, Bebel became infamous before it became famous: it was where twenty thousand books were burnt by Nazis and wanna-be Nazis, and these are STUDENTS we’re talking about (I guess getting stoned and eating pizza hadn’t caught on yet in 1933). And, see, The Most Successful German TV Series Like Ever is, of course, Babylon Berlin, set in…the early thirties. With Nazis in it. And wanna-be Nazis. And, yes it’s tenuous but I’m not giving up…the eight-day Bebel Stage party is kicking off with THAT weird orchestra from Bablyon Berlin, none other than the Moka Efti Orchestra.


Thanks for sticking with me thru that last paragraph, you’re a champ. Let’s get to the meat.

So yeah, the good people at the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, as part of their Draußenstadt (Outside City) project, have kicked in the necessary greenbacks to fund this eight-day happening of happenings, and it’s only cos of them that this whole shebang is COMPLETEL FREE ENTRY.

Wallis Bird Foto: Jens Oellermann
Wallis Bird Foto: Jens Oellermann

Yup. It’s free.

Yup. It’s free. All you gotta do is be one of the famous three G’s (Getestet, Genesen, Geimpft – otherwise known to you and me as tested, recovered, vaccinated, but it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it), and be one of the first thousand people thru the gate on whichever day you’re heading down. Cos it’s first-come-first-served time. You can’t book. You can’t reserve. You can’t slip anyone a backhander. Just get down there early (I guess – but hey what is early in this midnight town?) and wait at the gate.

Here’s the lowdown: Every day there’s a different genre/style in focus, to reflect Berlin’s cultural diversity here, its rainbow brilliance, its completely insane gamut of greatness.

Appearing through the eight days will be (among others):

  • Balbina
  • Moka Efti Orchestra
  • Ätna & NDR Jazz Bigband
  • Alex Mayr
  • Brandt Brauer Frick
  • Blond
  • Sam Vance-Law
  • Wallis Bird

Oh, and hot insider tip: Check out Blond before they get properly famous.

Bebel Stage Website | Bebel Stage Facebook

Photo of Balbina (c) DAAN DAM
Photo of Bebelplatz courtesy of Wikipedia taken by A. Savin
Photo of MEO (c) Joachim GErn
Photo of Blond (c) Anja Jurleit
Photo of Wallis Bird (c) Jens Oellermann