The neo-psychedelic rock band from San Francisco is on tour playing several gigs in Germany from August till October.

Founded more than 25 years ago and still going incredibly strong it’s an absolute must to catch a live show with these guys if you’re into this kind of music. But not only for the music – admitted, these concerts are really not the most energising or breathtaking in the traditional sense; if that’s what you’re looking for. You should go for the somewhat stoned, sometimes transcending, and somehow psyched atmosphere. And the chaotic drama on stage of course. It’s a show indeed.

Since its foundation the band has had more than sixty different members – Anton Newcombe, bandleader and songwriter, being the only original surviver. If you’re thinking: “Why is that?!”, I suggest you give the above mentioned drama another thought or two. During live concerts it’s not uncommon for the band to interrupt a song because of discrepancies and start an argument in front of the audience. It’s very strange but it’s very Brian Jonestown Massacre – and that’s something, really.

Experimenting with shoe gaze and late sixties rock this band has developed a very unique sound. It’s raw, it’s lazy, it’s simple, and it seems imperfect – on purpose. Anton Newcombe is without doubt striving for perfection. He’s a musical genius. Often perfectionists can spend ages getting things done and killing countless darlings. That’s not the case here.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre is oh so very productive (I’ve personally given up counting exactly how many studio albums, live albums, compilation albums, and EPs they’ve released but all together I’m pretty sure the number is beyond 35). And this summer, on June first to be exact, a new LP titled Something Else will be released. It’s not as experimental as the last records but rather on a track leading back to the original roots of this band. Naturally another LP is due a few months later.

You’ve got no less than seven opportunities to catch them live here in Germany. Just go for it.

Tour dates

07.08: Hamburg, Knust.
11.08: Berlin, Heimathafen Neukölln.
12.08: Köln, Luxor.
14.08: Frankfurt, Batschkapp.
30.09: München, Technikum.
01.10: Dresden, Beatpol.
08.10: Hannover, Musikzentrum.

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