A rich musical buffet of all you can eat ingeniously linked together – that’s Lion Sphere. Debut album out tomorrow!

Lion Sphere is an independent band with a sound crossing endless stylistic boarders. It’s a delicious buffet somewhat consisting of soul snacks, pop phrases, funk feelings, hip hop heat, alternative appetisers, and jazz juice. It’s worth a try, this luxury listening. After playing tons of gigs in Germany and throughout Europe their debut album A Moving Sun is finally out tomorrow, the 25th of May.

Joel (vocals), Dominik (Keys), Karim (guitars), and Fabian (drums) arrived in Berlin six years ago and studied Music Production together. When they started jamming they discovered something special and decided to make a real band – releasing their debut EP The Infinite You in 2016.

“We build our music from contrasts. I’m mainly into pop and so is our keyboarder, Dominik. The guitarist, Karim, is a lot into hip hop, and Fabian, our drummer, is a jazz expert. So we’re from very different musical areas and those tensions are a huge strength for us. To us the EP is just a first taste of what we do. Last year we played more than 70 shows and that has shaped us a lot. Experiencing the musical life style and the whole process of being on the road all of the time and getting feed back from different people really does things to you. We’ve developed a DNA in our sound, and that’s something you can hear on our debut album”, Joel explains. And he’s right – the album proves a solid development at the core of the sphere. Moreover, when Lion Sphere plays live it’s obvious they’re experienced – their natural happiness and feeling of the groove is contagious.

These days the word “indie” gradually changes its meaning. But with Lion Sphere we’re back to its roots. Joel says: “We’re totally indie. We plan, organise, conceptualise, and finance everything our selves. That’s a big challenge because the kind of music we play is not mainstream here in Germany, so it takes a bit longer to build a foundation. But this way we’re creating a solid one because we get to know everything about the processes and the business of music. The nice thing about being independent is that you grow into a family – we have so nice, genuine people who want to help and collaborate with us. So we have a friend who makes our artwork, a friend who does our videos, and a friend who does all the layouts for the artworks. Our manager helps us to keep building this network and is also a good friend.”

Lion Sphere does not want anyone to tell them what to do. That would completely strangle the band and kill its core. But there are other possibilities of teaming up with people, Joel explains, that they would be willing to try – like distribution deals that could be helpful whiteout the band turning into a sellout. “We’ll stay independent to the point where we can keep doing music our way. But with the debut album things are suddenly growing a lot. It’s becoming a full time job but sadly it’s not at a point where we can live from it – we all have to hustle our way through with jobs on the side.”

The four blokes have all grown up in small German villages and moving to Berlin has been a big thing for them personally. They want to discover the world – the music leading the way: “Our music is for the big city”, Joel says and continues: “It can go beyond Germany and even beyond Europe. It’s a process that takes time because it’s an organic growth but it’s a wonderful growth and we can’t wait to see what happens with the new album out. Playing shows in places we’ve never been with new people coming to the gigs is such a beautiful thing.”

Lion Sphere has already toured all over Europe and if you give these guys a listen, you’ll understand why. Reaching people and breaking the barriers of normal predictable pop music is what Lion Sphere wants to do. But without being too challenging. Rather the aim is to take people on a musical journey through different stylistic combinations that they can still identify with. “If our music was food, it would probably be an all you can eat buffet with things to taste from all over the world”, the band agrees in laughter.

Treat yourself with Lion Sphere and show them your support – you won’t regret it. Their new release is celebrated with a party at Klunkerkranich in Berlin on Tuesday the 29th. Of course the band will be playing – along with DJ Sterneque and DJ Mixsoup – so make sure to make your way there. But don’t worry too much if you can’t. They’re playing all over Germany.

Check out their Facebook page for more infos.

Tour dates

25.05: Düsseldorf – Jugend Connect
26.05: Cologne – Zusammen Leuchten Festival
30.05: Bochum – UNI Sommerfest 2018
31.05: Wiesbaden – Creators Collective
02.06: Magdeburg – Radiokonzert Guericke FM
06.07: Sindelfingen – Ufersession Festival
08.07: Landau – AStA Festival
17.07: Mainz – Schon Schön
19.07: Freiburg – ZMF
20.07: Pforzheim – Cafe Roland
21.07: Ammersee – Sammersee Festival
03.08: Elend – Rocken am Brocken Festival
04.08: Varel – Watt En Schlick Festival
17.08: Mannheim – Sommerbühne Alte Feuerwache
18.08: Hamburg – Dockville Festival
19.08: Lichterfeld – Artlake Festival
31.08: Cologne – C/O Pop Festival
21.-22.09: Stuttgart – Dit Is Schade Festival