The Canadian trio of smoothness and summer vibes (oh yes!) plays live in Dortmund, Berlin and Hamburg on the 11th, 12th and 13th of May.

You’ll want to be there, that’s for sure. It’s simple, it’s cool, it’s clever, and it will make you happy. Men I Trust knows how to create the perfect indie cocktail that’s both refreshing and filling at the same time. You’ll want to chill, cuddle, and move your feet – all night long – so just go and enjoy the show.

Founded in Montreal in 2014 by high school buddies Jessy and Dragos the band started as a duo. Jessy with his obscure and dark way of playing metal guitar and Dragos’ background in classical piano became an interesting acquaintance. Working on a solo project Dragos ran into Jessy again – who at the time was finishing a bachelor degree in Jazz guitar – and the two decided on doing an Italo-Disco track with French vibes together. The track was a success and the duo started collaborating with different singers.

Emma joined in 2015. The journey started when a video of her singing at a campfire with some friends was presented to Dragos. When releasing the second album Headroom in 2015 there was no way back; the duo had turned into a trio.

Emma’s voice is warm, light as air, and caring. There’s also power and a mysterious darkness to it. It’s extremely sexy and Emma knows exactly when to bring in a gentle whisper or a discreet sensual hoarseness. It binds the musical elements together.

The melodies are catchy and the sounds of guitars, keys, and bass are full of summertimes and simply very pleasant. The beats are happy and make it difficult to stand still. The sounds on the newly released single Show Me How sometimes ring out to musicians like Connan Mockasin – just to name a pop/indie reference – but Men I Trust inhabit their own musical world.

Also, Men I Trust do everything themselves. The producing, the videos, the pictures, the PR; they’re truly indie. Give them your support and you won’t regret it. Promise.

Catch them in Dortmund at the cool Etepetete Festival on the 11th, Berlin on the 12th or Hamburg on the 13th of May. For more infos and tickets for the shows check out Men I Trust on Facebook.