Born in New Zealand, based in Berlin. Noah Slee is smooth soul and simply a pleasure listening to.

If you like brilliant soul-guys like Leon Bridges or Nick Hakim you’ll love Noah Slee. Anyway you should give this man a listen. His voice is so soft and sexy it’ll make you fall in love straight away. And yes, his producing skills are incredible too. Of course he’s also a multi-instrumentalist. He plays live at Molotow in Hamburg on the 17th of May and at Prince Charles in Berlin on the 18th.

Last year he released the album Otherland. It’s a record that’s caressing senses and crawling under your skin. Comfortable beats, synths, piano and bass – all very smooth and simple. Did I say smooth again? Well I mean it. His voice is deep, strong and soft. The range of it is impressive. It sounds as if Noah Slee doesn’t need to make an effort at all; his voice just comes out great. Easy peasy and very natural. Deep notes are intense and stare into your eyes with a dark intensity. Bright notes just might give you the chills. Okay. Maybe it’s cheesy – but who cares if it just feels and sounds that good?

After the release of Otherland Noah Slee’s really been on the rise. It’s a personal and sincere album reflecting on difficulties and dark sides of life. Depression, love trouble, drugs, alcohol, and health issues. Noah Slee’s had some tough experiences. The album is his beautiful way of bouncing right back into life.

It’s no wonder this man plays allover the world. So just do yourself a favour and get a ticket for one of his shows. R&b and soul for your summer; that must do you good.

Check out the Facebook events for concerts in Hamburg and Berlin or swing by Noah Slee’s Facebook page. But if you manage to miss out on him this month anyway he’ll be returning in August for the Artlake Festival – just outside of Berlin.