Dota has published “No danger” at the beginning of the year their new, critically acclaimed album. The band comes to the front woman with the same name artist name on tour this fall, to bring the new songs among the people.

Kleingeldprinzessin Dorothea began sweeping single-handedly, only the Klampfe in hand, to play on the pedestrian zone of Berlin. The project then the Band Dota and the city pirates grew with the gain of three world-class jazz musicians. The room grew up, joined by Bossa Nova and jazz rhythms to folk fingerpicking. And this flow, no, dance poses German texts. The usual 4/4 time, the predictable structures are resolved. The rhyme leaves its ancestral position to the end of the line at whim and goes where he wants. The result is a lightweight rap, which unfolds like a conversation. The texts are mostly intelligent pointed to critical observations, even poetic, even childlike dreamy, often tongue in cheek, sometimes love of detail, but never banal.

Developed their present awareness with own resources

For many years, born in Berlin and studied medical doctor played with her band through small clubs. Dota install themselves, have so far turned down offers from major record labels and worked out their today’s awareness with own resources. On the chosen path of the group over to the mainstream there is more in our interview.

The band remains true to himself, but uses new timbres

The new album ‘No risk’ expanded the musical range of the band mainly to electronic sounds. Here, one might suspect a pandering to the sound of the present. But dota evolve their sound, without just a little bend to. The arrangements are managed, resonates with the electronic without getting up to penetration. The band remains true to himself, but uses new timbres.

The probably most important song on the new album is “Boundaries”, a protest song against walls, fences, border controls, and nationalism. Here, sweeping takes strong words for the current madness at Europe’s external borders – for daily dying, that Yes unfortunately already loses his explosiveness in the General consciousness and becomes the commonplace.

04. October playing dota in the laundry of Potsdam. We are giving away two tickets to the concert

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