It’s taken a mere decade for the burlesque scene to start off from its first two small regular events, The Teaserettes and the Wild Rose Revue, and grow into the large, impressive sub-culture that it is. There are now more than fifteen regular events and over eighty perfomers spreading their glitter across the town.

The burlesque scene in Berlin is known around the world for its strong sense of community, and the Berlin Burlesque Week has been created to celebrate just this, plus the amazing array of diverse talents and styles that it represents.

An amazing array of diverse talents and styles

With all of the most influential burlesque events coming together to create the Berlin Burlesque Week, you get nine days (hey, it’s a long week OK?) of non-stop shows, parties and live entertainment. Every day features different events showcasing their take on burlesque, with comedy, classic glamous, circus sideshow, plus plenty of rock n roll, live music and even live Life Drawing too!

One not to miss children! And to keep you in the mood, All Tomorrows Parties will be showcasing all the different facets of the burlesque week between now and when it happens on the 30th May!