Exhibition: Emiliano Baiocchi opens a new exhibtion entitled “A Drawing A Day” on May 25th 2012


From the 25th of May Emiliano Baiocchi will be showing his newest work in the kARTüche Gallery, with 365 works on display. The Vernissage will open at 7pm. For latecomers it’ll still be there until the 8th June.

Under the name “A drawing a day” Baiocchi decided to use the concept to free himself from the fear of  making mistakes. As the name implies, he made sure that he produced something each day for a whole year, making the exhibition something of a year’s diary in pictures – drawings and paintings – on a variety of types of paper and using a wide variety of techniques, and with the emphasis on the spontaneity of creation.

The gallery is open Wednesdays to Sundays from 3 til 6 pm. A lot of partying to be done in the other hours, I assume.


emiliano baiocchi work
Leykestraße 17A
12053 Berlin-Neukölln