Over the weekend the opening of Gérard Charrière’s exhibition took place in the Blaue Stunde Gallery in Prenzlauerberg. As I walked into the gallery for the opening evening, there was a variety of people sharing thoughts and sipping wine while looking at the most recent work of the Swiss artist. Dimly lit portraits showcased ornate paintings of smooth handwriting, unreadable to most while having a personal connection to the artist; his work is like an intimate note, only comprehensable to himself. By an early age he had already acknowledged that this would be a type of therapy for him, scribbling down thoughts in a journal and gluing the pages shut was a common practice which continued into later years when continued a bookbinding apprenticeship in Basel and persued a career in the arts. His abstract works have become part of several collections around the world from Basel to New York, and have created quite a following worldwide.

His work is best described as follows:

 Words and writing emerged early on as artistic forms of expression in Gérard Charrière’s paintings and collages. For the dialectics of the fury of life and longing for social interaction the Berlin-based artist has found a form that is as conclusive as it is distinct: Ecstatically painted, endlessly drafted and yet infatuating in its sentient beauty, his works tell of a fascination for the word and the script. Both, the word in its purely visual quality and the gesture of writing as an continuous process of creation, constitute a unifying aspect of his paintings.”


March 16 – May 10, 2013

To view Gérard’s portfolio visit here: http://www.gerard-charriere.com/