Don’t know what to do on Friday night? We’ve got just what you need. Come at Loophole and see I-Taki-maki and Mexican Radio live!

Don’t you know them yet?

I-Taki-Maki is an Italian band. They’ve started the group in 2012 and moved in Berlin in 2015. What does their music sound like? Well, it’s a mix of alternative rock, slowcore and post-punk influence.

On stage, they’re two: Go-Mimmi-Go (vocals, drums, percussions & melodica) and strAw (vocals, guitars & harmonica). They’ve released their last album “A Place to Leave” last January and are performing ever since in some iconic Berlin venues such as Rosi’s, Badehaus or Madame Claude to name a few.

Now, let’s speak about Mexican Radio. They’re three, two coming from California and one coming from Berlin. They play some synth punk and their distinctive feature: no guitar and no bass. Yep, that’s right, it’s pretty singular! The reason for that is that their guitarist and bassist left the group. However, far from making them give up, it’s the origin of what is now Mexican Radio.

Mexican Radio is hundred percent the kind of band you need to see on stage. They’ve their very own energy and know how to share it with their audience. Seeing them live is a unique experience and I really invite you to come and see it with your own eyes (and ears).

You can find more info about the show on Facebook.