Help Love Triumph in Uganda

We’re better when we work together and this isn’t just a tired and oft-quoted cliché, it’s the reality of human solidarity. When we see our friends and family stumble, we’re quick to catch them and we’re also there to help them up, when they feel that they can’t carry on.


Sometimes we just need to feel support to really be ourselves

Activists in Uganda are fighting tirelessly to assert their own sexual identity, in the face of government oppression. The anti-homosexuality, death-penalty legislation proposed in 2014 has successfully been resisted but it is vital that they remain banished. In a world that is increasingly closer together, we must stand with our Ugandan brothers and sisters in solidarity.

Whether we are part of the LGBTQ community or not, the right to assert our own identities affects us all

Homosexuality, like any sexuality is about more than sex – it’s about love. We all have the right to love and it’s true that we can’t change the people who we love. For this reason, we must defend Uganda Pride, since the freedom to love affects us all.

Threats of arrest and imprisonment

Simon Lodoko, the cabinet minister responsible for ethics and integrity has stated this week that anybody participating in the Uganda Pride event will be arrested. Despite working within the constraints of the law, the permission to hold the event on Saturday has now been revoked. After the arrests and police beatings at the Pride march last month, the grim reality of LGBTQ rights in Uganda must not be overlooked.

Standing together against hate

Every single week, there will be violence and intimidation targeted at Uganda’s LGBTQ community. The government’s stance towards homosexuality must change and here at Indieberlin, we are proud to say that we stand alongside our Ugandan family. In Berlin we are fortunate to be able to assert our own sexual identity and we support the cause of Uganda Pride, in demanding the same rights in their country. Despite intimidation and violence, the proud and defiant LGBTQ community in Uganda will continue their Pride as planned on Saturday 24th September. Please show these brave activists that you stand alongside them in their Pride.

They say messages of love and solidarity help them to stay strong

Standing alongside the ALLOUT action group, we ask that our readers show their support by posting a picture of themselves like the one in our article on Facebook and Twitter, using #IStandWithPrideUganda. Print out a sign from the link below:

People wishing to donate to the ALLOUT action group, who campaign tirelessly for the rights of LGBTQ people in Uganda, can do so by following the link below: