8th of June and it’s World Oceans Day again – the day of the year when we try and focus on what we can do to improve the state of the blue part of the blue planet that we live on.

Going since 1992, World Oceans Day has been celebrated each year around the world, with activists using the day to organise a huge number of various events around the world all with the aim of highlighting the plight of our oceans.

These days the horrible amount of plastic in the oceans is a subject that is never far from our minds. We still use plastic bags though, and we still use one-use plastic for a ridiculously wide number of things. Recycling efforts vary wildly from country to country but as the problem becomes more and more obvious changes are – slowly – being made.

I don’t like to harp on, but it’s got to a point where it’s in our own hands – the governments are all too often bound by the corporations that put them in – and keep them in – power. Which is why if anything is going to change then it has to come from a grassroots level.

World Oceans Day 2018 – could this be the year we turn a corner? Let’s hope so.

From Wikipedia:

The conservation action theme for World Oceans Day 2018 will be preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean. The Ocean Project continues to expand the youth-focus of World Oceans Day by further expanding the Youth Advisory Council with the addition of 10 new members. The young minds help to shape and improve World Oceans Day as it grows through the years, providing new perspectives, ideas, and recommendations. Together with the Youth Advisory Council, The Ocean Project and its growing network of partners in 120 countries help rally the world each June and expand ocean conservation year-round.