Well-known fashion designer CHACA is getting down with the vibrational energy of the earth to combine her usual jewellery styles with a bit of crystal healing, her mission to go beyond the concept of jewellery as pure embellishment and connect with what she sees as a deeper spiritual purpose of those rocks you like to wear around your neck and appendages. 

Stunningly designed jewellery to let you heal and look good at the same time

It’s long become an accepted idea that the minerals in various rocks have various healing and generally positive properties for us humans, and a lot of people make sure to either wear or have near to them whichever minerals in whichever rocks they think are most likely to help them.

Now CHACA is combining this sense with stunningly designed jewellery to let you heal and look good at the same time. It’s going down this weekend so make sure you get down to the Silber & Salz Gallery to check it out.

Here’s the Facebook Event for further info.

Galerie Silber & Salz

Die Galerie Silber & Salz wurde 2015 von dem Fotografen Chris Schmid eröffnet. In einem schwarzen Überseecontainer, direkt auf dem Holzmarktgelände, bietet die Galerie mit integriertem Fotolabor die ideale Plattform um mit Künstlern, Sammlern und Fotointeressierten in einen künstlerischen Austausch zu treten.

The Silber & Salz gallery was opened by photographer Chris Schmid in 2015 in a black shipping container on the Holzmarkt. With its integrated photo development facilities, it’s a great platform for artists, collectors and lovers of photography to get together and exchange ideas.