It was the end of 2015 when we decided it would be a great idea to do an awards thing. Awards for indie people in Berlin. So that’s what we did: We put out a call for people to nominate their favourite bands, artists, galleries, photographers, writers and fashionistas.

Who do you love?

And we got a great response. Which made us realise that we’d guessed right – that this had been missing from the cultural landscape.

And because we saw that it was indeed something that was needed, we’re doing it again this year.

With a couple of changes

First off, indieBerlin will be giving awards not just to the best indies in Berlin, but we’re spreading the pool of nominations all across Germany. It’ll be the German-wide awards for indieBrilliance!

And we also decided that we’d like to give awards not just to the artists themselves, but also to all the people who work in the background to make all the good stuff happen. All the organisers, indie labels, promoters and myriad others who don’t usually necessarily stand in the limelight.

We’re putting the call out for nominations

As we did last year, the final decision of who wins will be decided equally by the public votes and our jury panel.

So here were are again. We’re putting the call out for nominations. Who do you think should be nominated? Choose your favourites for one or more of the categories below!

  • Most exciting independent photographer working in Germany today
  • Most wildly creative visual artist
  • Hottest new band
  • The writer whose books you can’t stop reading (English)
  • The writer whose books you can’t stop reading (German)
  • The most influential fashionistas – designers, labels, trailblazer or just people that look good!
  • The person or agency who has been working most tirelessly to promote independent music
  • The person or agency who goes the extra mile to make sure the coolest art is experienced by everyone

Send your nominations to info (at) All Tomorrows or write into the comments below!