Are you begging for more yet? We’ll give you more! This time it’s a poem by Penelope J. Goring, another one of our splendid writers from abroad whom you can dial up from our magic LITEROPHONE. Read and enjoy!

cold bed storm song

this island is surrounded by rocks that have caused 100s of wrecks.

it’s 3 miles long and 1.5 miles wide.

we live with the lobster at our feet.

build gormenghasts of fog.

house our homeless exes in smaller and smaller rooms.

i’ll give you my terrible ideas.

you’ll put a tasteful torch to me.

i’m from the dangerous race of Alderney.

i’ll give you 3 square miles of obscurity.

behind 13 forts, causeway and bridge.

having been swept away long ago.

we’ll play full tilt poker in damp towers.

turn away from the entire population.

about 1500 residents.

lobster at our feet.

i’ll show you my official language.

i’m descended from the deep sea divers.

got the deep sea in my blood.

that’s why you don’t intimidate me.

cold pale fish, i like it.