“Bowie’s Piano Man” book event with live music + interview |  Friday 4th March, 8pm-10pm  |  POSH Teckel, Pflügerstr 4, Kreuzberg  |  Free Entry

Bowie’s Piano Man is the biography of one of those little-remarked-on greats of pop and rock music history. Mike Garson came on board with David Bowie during Bowie’s first ever tour of the US in the early seventies, and went on to become the musician that Bowie called on most over the next thirty years.

Clifford Slapper, author of the book, grew up in London riveted by Bowie, and as he became a renowned pianist and keyboardist himself, he became riveted also by the extroardinary piano played on Bowie’s early recordings. So Clifford was very pleased to at one point meet up with Mike Garson so he could extend his congratulations himself. And they got on so well that Clifford wrote Mike Garson’s biography, detailing those early years with Bowie and what went after, as well as the various twists and turns of life as a musician in the upper reaches of the biz, and his philosophies and attitudes to life and music.

Clifford Slapper also became more entwined with the Bowie story by playing with Bowie himself

…on the Extras TV series, where they swapped stories and got on famously. And Slapper is no slouch himself, having played with bands including Boy George, Suggs, Lisa Stansfield, Jarvis Cocker, Angie Brown, Stereo MCs and Gary Kemp.

So: that’s the back story.

Clifford Slapper will be in Berlin on 4th March, presenting his book on Garson in Posh Teckel, Kreuzberg, as well as being interviewed about the book, and playing some piano himself.

It seems timely to encounter a little-known facet of the Bowie experience

In these weeks and months after Bowie’s death, the occasion of which made everyone remember just what an amazing and groundbreaking artist the man was, it seems timely to encounter a little-known facet of that Bowie experience, presented in as intimate a setting that you can imagine.

Here’s the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/826316104161245/
Entry is free and all are welcome – but the place ain’t that big so get there early!

Books will also be on sale – cash only, apparently – for 22 Euros, signed personally by Clifford Slapper.