Five lucky readers will win free tickets to see Lola Colt on the 20th of October, at Privat Club

Here at Indieberlin we’re excited to announce the upcoming Lola Colt gig at Privat Club, on the 20th of October. You may have already listened to some of their sublime music but if you haven’t, just follow the links to their Soundcloud and YouTube channels at the bottom of this page. Lola colt have a lot going from them, from the vintage instruments they play, to the slick oilwheel projections that festoons the stage.

Don’t be led to think that it’s just a vintage and flashy veneer with nothing behind it though – there’s serious talent to back it up

Take their newest song as an example – ‘Away From The Water’, which will headline their Berlin gig. The track opens with a heavy rhythm section, which has a hypnotic pulse. This is then accentuated by the introduction of fuzz from the distorted guitar. Pulsing rhythm and tremolo-moderate distortion guitar marks this as vintage in the best of ways. This isn’t the vintage in the hipster ‘I shop in a dingy flohmarkt to buy things to photograph and upload them to Pinterest’ sence – instead, it’s the real deal.

There’s nothing but authenticity going on here and their music is all the better for it

If the music and the vintage aesthetic aren’t enough and you need additional convincing to attend their gig, then consider sex. It’s uncommon, sadly, to find gender-balanced bands but Lola Colt are a sextet group with 50/50 gender balance. Both the male and female members play vital parts in their music and it’s a breath of fresh air to see this. Just listen to heavy vocals that come out of the lead singer, Gun Overbye.

Gun Overbye’s vocals slide into your chest like a knife in a dark alleyway – you don’t expect it and they drag you out of any reverie

Convinced? Well, if you needed yet more convincing, then we are offering 5 free tickets to see the event!  Of course, Indieberlin will be there on the night and we’re offering 5 lucky readers the chance to join us.

Just write to us to win at All Tomorrows and you could be joining us for a memorable evening


Venue: Privat Club.
Doors Open: 20:00
Lola Colt: 21:00


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Photo courtesy of Psychocand Events and Lola Colt.