Releasing their debut album album in September, indie/rock band Black Honey are ready to convince Europe of their solid style – playing in Hamburg on the 5th, Berlin on the 6th, and Cologne on the 8th of November.

Black Honey’s first single from the self-titled debut album – which is due to greet the world on the 21st of September – is a proper indie/rock track. It bears the name I Only Hurt the Ones I Love and it’s so catchy you immediately forgive the cliché of these words. If it works, it works.

Hooks and a dodgy, sexy atmosphere. Singer Izzy Baxter’s voice has an attitude comparable to M.I.A. or Madonna. That’s really not a bad thing. Take this demandingly direct attitude and the sneaky sensuality of her voice and combine them with a sound somewhat like Arctic Monkeys. That’s Black Honey.

Pretty Present Performers

So what else? Well. This band from Brighton isn’t just cool to play on Spotify. They really know how to nail a performance. Izzy Baxter is quite dominant on stage – stealing the spotlight (but) in a good way. Chris Ostler (guitar), Tommy Taylor (bass), and Tom Dewhurst (drums) are all pretty present rockers. They’ve got that united thing going on so it’s really an all together performance when Black Honey goes on stage. If you want a cool indie/rock live show, you’ve got the right band for it right here. You’re welcome.

So just go for it and catch these indie rockers live in November. It’s gonna be a cool experience. Swing by the Facebook-event for the Hamburg concert on the 5th at Molotow Skybar, Berlin gig at Cassiopeia on the 6th, and Cologne show at MTC on the 8th of November. If you want more infos or you’re just curios about this band, here is Black Honey’s Facebook page.