Lichtspielklub are at it again. For the fifth time, British Shorts will be holding their Summer edition. Featuring awarded short films, some of the team’s favourites and other highlights from the last edition of the festival, the whole thing will take place in open air.

Eleven short films, totalling 111 minutes, will be shown at Cassiopeia’s Freiluftkino Insel outdoor cinema on Friday from 9pm onwards. Here is the list of the selected films:

Edmond (Animation), UK 2015, 9:00min, director: Nina Gantz 
Operator (Drama), UK 2015, 6:00min, director: Caroline Bartleet 
Mr Madila (Animation, Comedy), UK 2015, 8:00min, director: Rory Waudby-Tolley
I Used To Be Famous (Comedy, Drama), UK 2015, 16:44min, director: Eddie Sternberg
Otherwise Enganged (Comedy), UK 2015, 5:00min, director: Alicia MacDonald
Patriot (Drama), UK 2015, 15:00min, director: Eva Riley
ManOman (Animation), UK 2015, 11:00min, director: Simon Cartwright
samuel-613 (Drama), UK 2015, 15:45min, director: Billy Lumby
Rest Stop (Comedy), UK 2015, 11:00min, director: Kate Herron
Nasty (Mystery), UK 2015, 15:00min, director: Prano Bailey-Bond
Sometimes I Feel So Deserted (Music video), UK 2015, 4:15:00min, director: Ninian Doff (Cool Unicorn Bruv)