Resident in two countries, Laura Loeters from Utrecht/Netherlands and the Hamburg based Gregor Sonnenberg are used being on the road permanently with their band The Day. To travel, stay in motion, to work together from constantly changing points. Since meeting at ArtEZ School of Music in Arnhem the two keep reconciling distances, differences and always new approaches and perspectives. What runs like a thread through all of this is the interest to take charge of things themselves, try out and grow on it together.

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Reconciling distances, differences, new approaches and perspectives

Grow is quite literally about growing up through different phases of life and your very personal ‘pursuit of wisdom'” says Singer Laura Loeters. The song is about farewells” and realizing how you grow older yourself by watching close people around you getting older.

Laura adds:

“Like many of our songs when I came up with the first idea it sounded more like a quiet more folky song. But when I picked it up on electric bass with our drummer at rehearsals it became much more of a grooving pop song than we first intended.”

The Day have released two EPs by themselves, were constantly on the road and have formulated their own version of melancholic pop music. Maybe it’s the distances both have to bridge again and again, the permanent view into the remoteness (and out of the window), all that time to ponder: the music of The Day is intimate without being intruding and speaks of an inner calmness.

05.04.2017 – DE – Hamburg – Nochtwache
06.04.2017 – DE – Gronau – Rock’n’Pop Museum
20.04.2017 – DE – Paderborn – Deelenhaus
21.04.2017 – DE – Dortmund – Sissikingkong
22.04.2017 – DE – Berlin – Kantine am Berghain
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