Deerhoof, the quatuor from San Francisco are coming to play the Bi Nuu in Berlin following the release of their thirteenth studio album, entitled The Magic.

Too often labeled as an improv or a noise band, Deerhoof started out as a duet between Rob Frisk and Greg Saunier has evolved during the 22 years since its foundation. The band saw Satomi Matsuzaki join mid-1995 and Frisk depart in 2000, replaced by John Dietrich.

Since the founding member’s secession, the lineup hasn’t changed much, with Ed Rodriguez taking up guitar duties in 2008. Its present configuration has released seven albums – studio and live recordings combined.

On The Magic, which was released on June 22, Deerhoof play high energy rock with hazy synths, offering a very enjoyable trippy sound. Similar to Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s latest album Multi-Love, the combination of Matsuzaki’s soft voice and the jerky drum fills on “Life is Suffering” is uplifting.

Have a listen to “Criminals of the Dream” underneath:

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