The Fete de la Musique, the day of celebrating music itself that falls each year on 21st June, is known for massive crowds, partying people, and music, music, music, coming from every corner and every square.

So what will it look like this year? With the Coronavirus and the global lockdown – receding, but still somewhat there – there will, I fear be no joyous scenes of swirling and dancing crowds: In Berlin last the Gendarmenmarket, one of the city’s central squares, was filled with around 3,000 people singing What a Wonderful World and Ode to Joy – but that’s obviously not going to happen this year.

Well, looks like Make Music Day is going to solve its unique problem the same way we solved many of our other problems – by going online.

After nearly all offices shut down and everyone worked from home – hallo Zoom! hallo again Skype! – and online shopping surging like mad – hallo Boohoo! ah there you are Amazon! – now the Fete de la Musique has become (in Germany at least) the Fete de la (Haus) Musique.

But they’ve handled it well, it has to be said. Teaming up with platforms like United We Stream, Unpluggedival and Berlin Alive, the FETEBerlin organisational team send the call out to all the tons of music-makers and event-organisers around Berlin and has given 100 of them a home on the website…while their social media team has promised to man the (social) barricades all day on the 21st June and keep people freshly fed with links and pointers to all the other weird wonderfulness going on(line).

There is to be a Europe-wide singalong again this year, but online. Exactly what that will look like, we’ll have to wait and see.

And another highlight is Berlin-based global dance music superstar Alle Farben live-streaming a set from the slowly-turning gondola of the Fernsehturm, the TV tower that gazes down upon the city from its vantage point way, way above Alexanderplatz.

And meanwhile, on the streets of Berlin, there will be various socially-distanced things going on: for example there will be singer-songwriters in the backs of the bicycle taxis which have become so ubiquitous in the last years, running around Mitte, serenading people as they cycle – or are cycled- slowly by.

That’s definitely something I want to see.

More information on the Fete de la Musique in Berlin – as well as where the multitudinous lives streams will live – is here:

It is also to be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Main image photo of Jack and Cherry (c) Jim Kroft