It’s been a long time but now he’s back: Phosphorescent is touring Europe – playing concerts in both Hamburg and Berlin in October!

Phosphorescent will be hitting Hamburg on the 19th of October, playing at Nochtspeicher, and then Berlin will be blown away on the 20th at Frannz Club. The intimate and honest voice is wrapped in wonderful tunes and ringing out to big ones like Bob Dylan and Bon Iver. And there’s no doubt this will be an experience beyond what’s normal. Quite simply put: Make sure to get your tickets and be there!

Matthew Houck aka Phosphorescent played in Germany back in 2013 when his latest studio album Muchacho was released. The album was very well received – basically both fans and critics loved it, praised it, and wanted more. And now the time for more has finally arrived with new tunes on their way for the tour through Europe… And yes, I’ll give you even more reasons why this musician is worth your attention.

Feeding on music

38-year-old Matthew Houck grew up in Alabama to the tunes of Bob Dylan and Wellie Nelson, feeding on every Americana style he could dig up. One day his shovel hit the songs of The National and Bon Iver. He couldn’t help feeding on them too; enjoying every single bite. These tunes, among many others, are now inherent in his body and mind and have helped him grow and develop his own unique style.

A man and his guitar – and a band. It’s simple and it’s working. Song for Zula, a track on Muchacho, is a great example of the wonders that Phosphorescent creates. “My heart is wild and my bones are steel. And I could kill you with my bare hands if I was free,” Matthew Houck sings at the end of the track – violins circulating his words. Both the lyrics and the music are filled with a yearning and more or less every feeling you can think of. His voice is direkt, hoarse, honest, and tender expressing the tensions of life.

What to do now? Listen to Phosphorescent and get your tickets. Here is the Facebook event for Hamburg and for Berlin. Yes, you’re all set and ready to go. Enjoy!

Main photo by (Phosphorescent at the Echo) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons