Australian Stonefield toured with huge bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Fleetwood Mac – and now the four sisters are finally coming to Europe; playing in Hamburg on the 21st and Berlin on the 22nd of July!

There’s absolutely no doubt that Stonefield is on to something – something great. The field consists of solid rocks and psychedelic colours creating a very vivid musical sphere that grabs firmly on to the roots of rock music, pulls, and extends them into our time. The four Findlay-sisters (aged 20 to 28) founded their band back in 2006. In 2010 they changed the name of it to Stonefield and since then they’ve only been heading one way; upwards.

Touring with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Fleetwood Mac, Meat Puppets, Foo Fighters, and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard says a lot. Their third album Far From Earth was released earlier this year and produced by Black Mountain’s Stephen McBean. Oh, and Rob Campanella (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) and Gregg Forman (Cat Power) guest appear on the record. That says a lot too.

A Solid Package

Far From Earth is proof that Stonefield has grown up to the top of international Proto Psych Rock. Amy Findlay plays the drums – and sings(!). Her voice is clear, direkt, sensual, and very strong cutting right through the massive rock vibes of electric guitar, bass, drums, and keys – only to bind these elements firmly together and let the whole package hit hard.

Moreover. Stonefield do beautiful harmonies on top of the rock – wich are words I didn’t expect to use when writing about this kind of music. And no. It’s not too much or cliché or pretty. It all stays right there on the rock only making it harder, more solid, and polished to perfection. The contrast is smashing. It’s extremely sexy and refreshingly provocative. If you don’t think women can rock, Stonefield will make you shut right up.

Strong essence

Enough said about gender; because it’s not about them being women. It’s about four sisters founding a band at a very young age and growing up with the music. Their strong relational bonds are without doubt part of the reason why they succeed in doing quite seamless psychedelic rock with an impressive coherence at its core. Stonefield proves talent. Thank you.

Here’s the Facebook event for Hamburg on the 21st at Molotow and the one for Berlin on the 22nd at Zukunft am Ostkreuz. Oh, and swing by Stonefield’s Facebook page for more infos and tour dates around Europe – and the rest of the globe…