Scott Kelly is undoubtedly one of the most influential figures of his generation in underground heavy. He’s not only one of the three founding members of Neurosis, a band which is not simply fucking around but can lead you to a mind-altering scary catharsis similar to the one that only the elders on which they were weaned can (Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Black Flag, Swans).

Elements of country and dark Americana

Kelly will be in Grüner Salon on Tuesday the 19th of January to present his acoustic explorations, where he incorporates elements of country and dark Americana along with Neurosis’ gravely melodies. CHVE of Amenra, Belgium’s finest post-metal exponents, will join him on stage. If you truly love dark music, this gig cannot be missed…

Article by Anastasis Koutsogiannis
Photo from Wikipedia under CC1 licence. See licence here.