Emma, co-host and producer of Sifting Gold, got in touch, even more excited than usual. She has a new thing going, she tells us. Emma turned up from Sweden a couple of years go, bursting with enthusiasm, and spent a while contributing articles to All Tomorrows Parties, for example on Berlin’s dating stereotypes, and then she drfited off to do other stuff, which included becoming a successful hiphop DJ playing under the name of White Lie and running her Golden Mint Productions.

And what was it that had her so excited? Well it was hard to make out. Something to do with hip hop, art, laughing, and something called Sifting Gold. Once we got her calmed down a little we managed to ask her and her sidekick Ingimar Flovent a bunch of questions. If you’re still confused at the end you can call us.

Protagonists: Emma Isabella Karlsson, co-host and producer of Sifting Gold

Ingimar Flovent, co-host and editor of Sifting Gold
Chi Chi Honeysuckle, confused journalistic dude, of All Tomorrows Parties.

There follows the interview:

All Tomorrows Parties: What is Sifting Gold?
Emma Karlsson: Sifting Gold is an audio project, a conversation based podcast – searching for golden tips, interesting characters, new input, and ourselves in a way.
Ingimar: A platform that sets the mood for the fucked up lives that Berlin has to offer and why we like it. You know: golden stuff.

All Tomorrows Parties: What drives you?

Emma Karlsson: Attention.

Ingimar Flovent: Well, getting to talk about my life and then edit it afterwards doesn’t hurt my ego, as an artist I thrive on that and of course I like the feeling of having a ongoing project… about me. you see.

All Tomorrows Parties: How did the idea develop?

Emma Karlsson: I accidently pitched a radio idea about art and music at Kiez.fm 88.4 one time when I was delusional of fever, and for some reason they said yes to the project. After some clear mind thinking I decided to make use of the studio, but in podcast form instead of broadcasting. I asked Ingimar to join me for the only reason that he’s one of few people I can stand, and we happen to share the same humor. We had a few arguments about the concept in the beginning, but we quickly found a vision to work towards. And after 4 episodes we’re starting to find our style, voice, and agenda in a way. But they say it takes 10 episodes to figure out the podcast mystery. By then we’ll probably be dead, though.

Ingimar Flovent: Me and Emma talk a lot of shit. shit that we thought would be valid in a podcast. The idea started as a conversation about ongoing events happening here in Berlin but developed into a more conversational media platform that portraites us better. We do like to talk and discusse from our own piont of view and even though its not alway true we never like to ruin a good story with the truth.
E: But, unfortunately my self experienced anecdotes are 100% true. Sorry mom.

All Tomorrows Parties: What do you have in common?

Emma Karlsson: We both love words, both written and spoken. We share a similar background and have a weird way of getting obsessed by things/subjects/people. But above it all we both love stories, we’re collecting them as some (fucking odd) people collect stamps or some shit. Or no, I take all that back, what we have most in common is the love for alcohol.

Ingimar Flovent: Beers, and good fun. we both like good unclean fun.

All Tomorrows Parties: What is your role in the podcast process?

Emma Karlsson: I’m taking on the producing role in everything I do, even in my personal life (I’m GREAT to travel with, if one doesn’t count my mood swings) so I am the one creating the project plans, contacting the guests, booking the studio, managing the accounts for publishing etc. For natural reasons I’m doing the (so far very vague) marketing, writing the descriptions, and I have “the final word” regarding the content. Ingimar does an awesome job with the editing. A 1 hour show could take him up to 20 hours, with all the additional sound effects, and above it all: to cut out all the times I’m laughing at my own jokes for a fair amount of minutes. So even though I have more responsiblities, he’s working way harder than me. Especially when he shows me the first draft of an epsiode and I’m telling him to re-do the whole thing…..

Ingimar Flovent: I’m a co-host and the main editor.

All Tomorrows Parties: How do you come up with subjects?

Emma Karlsson: Brainstorming. We pick a subject, book a guest if someone fits, and then it forms itself during the recording and in the editing process. 80 procent of the content is very spontaneus. Especially from my side.

Ingimar Flovent: Well, to tell you the truth: Youtube and long conversations with Emma.

All Tomorrows Parties: What is the main goal?

Emma Karlsson: To make people laugh. It’s sucha tacky answer, I know, but I want them to laugh as much as I do at myself. I want to take the prentetious part out from talking about art and music. People should loose up a bit really. And I want a sponsor, for that I’m willing to sell my soul. Again.

Ingimar Flovent: To have fun and promote awsome people. There are so many people in our lives that crack us up and that’s doing amazing things and we feel like it relevant for everybody to get to know them and their work.

All Tomorrows Parties: What do you do apart from the podcast?

Emma Karlsson: I’m the founder of Golden Mint Productions – a curatorial art/music/event platform. Apart from that I’m DJ’ing hiphop during the nights, write fiction when I’m inspired, but work at an office during the days. Like goddamn Clark Kent.

Ingimar Flovent: Apart from the podcast I write storys and take photos. as a late night activity i like to make music and read. This sound like a dating profile but here you go.

All Tomorrows Parties: And there’s other people involved. Who are they?

Emma Karlsson: The main idea with Golden Mint Productions is to add an extra layer, to think about unexpected details. Basically, to curate an experience that reaches longer than just the event/production/exhibition itself. I like to rest my eye on good design, and I happen to know some designers, so I asked one of them to do the covers for the episodes. We’re actually the first podcast in the world that has a cover created in 3D.

All Tomorrows Parties: Is that true?

Emma Karlsson: Yes.

All Tomorrows Parties: And the music?

Emma Karlsson:  I’m a hiphop fan. A friend of mine is producing hiphop. We listened to a release of a danish rappers new album together, back in spring 2014 when I was still living in Sweden. The intro had a perfect composed tune for a podcast. So I forced him to put a beat on it and create a jingle from my brief, what we’re using is the result from that. I’m very lucky to have people arround me that follow my directions.. It took me 1.5 years before I used it. It was all dusty and shit. But no jingle without a podcast, right? I’m glad it’s finally come to use!

Extra: to listen to the track that the Sifting Gold jingle is inspired from, search for “Intro – Per Vers” from the album DNA on the world wide web.

All Tomorrows Parties: And the co-host?

Emma Karlsson: Well, suprises is our middle name. We have a vision, a concept, but I refuse to let that be written in stone. Every episode is going to be different in its way. Sometimes we have a guest, sometimes it’s only us, sometimes we have a co-host, and my personal dream is to do some episodes myself around only one subject.

All Tomorrows Parties: What subject would that be?
Emma Karlsson: An Amy Winehouse special, or two.

This is the first part of a two-part interview with Sifting Gold. On Thursday we’ll put out the second part where you’ll meet the other two co-conspirators.