Jeanne Added is what seems to me the perfect artist for Berlin. The music is post-industrial electro with some post-wave sounds and a reductive and robotic yet powerful vocals. 

However the French Jeanne Added hasn’t got Berlin roots but  a classical vocalist and cello education from the National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse (CNSMD) in Paris and the Royal Academy of Music in London.

Jeanne Added has currently released her debut album “Be Sensational” including her hit “War is Coming” which is especially pertinent with the refugee crisis that is happening right now.She’s currently touring Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and …. Berlin, of course. We’re looking very much forward to her gig at Privatclub on the 26th March and of course have a pair of tickets for you.

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To get to know the lady in question before checking her out live @ Privatclub, we’ve got a nice little interview for you. And at the end of the interview you can see her video “War is coming”.

Jeanne Added in All Tomorrows Parties interview

Jeanne Added Profile Picture from the site All Tomorrows Parties competition

Jeanne Added, photo: Marik el Lahana

All Tomorrows Parties: To begin with, could you tell us how you got where you are right now music-wise?

Jeanne Added: It’s a long story… I studied music since I was a child, started professionally as a soloist, performing other musicians’ music in contemporary jazz, and then started to write my own music. Which wasn’t jazz at all. It took me a while to need to write, but once it was there, I stopped everything I was doing, and concentrated on that. I met Dan Levy (the Dø) who produced my album, and here I am.

All Tomorrows Parties: Will you go out in Berlin after your gig and if so, where will we meet you?

Jeanne Added: I don’t know Berlin that well. I very much might go out after our concert, just tell me where to go, and I ‘ll be there.

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All Tomorrows Parties: How political is your music? Is your song “War is coming” more an expression of a mood or a political statement?

Jeanne Added:

“I believe everything is political”

The way I and the musicians I play with commit to music, I feel that is political. More than my songs, which really are the expression of a fight I led with myself.

All Tomorrows Parties: And last but not least, tell us a musical sin of yours: Is there an album you once bought and wouldn’t tell anybody about anymore?

Jeanne Added:  No, I assume everything. I’m a fan of great voices, their (Celine Dion, Whitney Houston) technique hypnotises me. I own a Whitney Best Of, and I like it very much.

Thank you for the interview and see you on the 26th of March!

Jeanne Added is live in Berlin at Privatclub

Skalitzer Straße 85-86
10997 Berlin

Interview by Mia Morris, cover photo: Marik el Lahana