He’s real and retro. The great Australian plays no less than seven concerts in Germany this month. Boogie to the funky vibes!

The 70’s are back for another round – with a modern twist that truly makes them deserve your attention. If you like cool classics like Steely Dan or Todd Rundgren you’ll just love Joel Sarakura. And yes, he really does play all over Germany: in Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, and Dresden from the 23rd to the 31st this month. Joel Sarakura is a music lover who will treat your ears just right and tickle your feet. He released his third and fresh album last month with the very suitable title Love Club – so yeah, just join it!

The music exists somewhere between (northern) soul, pop, blues, and indie music. It’s really funky too (we’re talking a big lot of funkiness here). It’s also full of fun. And perfect for the summer season. Comfortable keys, smooth bass lines, tambourine, strings, horns, and a voice that cuts right through. It’s all very catchy. The melodies, the riffs, the atmosphere in general. Joel Saracura’s lyrics are easy and relatable – and about love. But they’re not too pink and princess and rosy or sentimental. Rather they’re about rediscovering romance and looking to the future. Refreshing.

His voice is direct with a delicious hoarseness and a touch of vulnerability. Sometimes he touches upon the brightness of the Bee Gees’. Sometimes he’s a Supertramp. Already as a teenager Joel Sarakura decided, that the music played on the radio was kind of shitty. So he did something else. His music is beyond the charts. He’s a geek and that’s great.

Come round for a big, bright evening of bouncing to the boogie! You seriously won’t regret it.

Tour dates:

23.05: Privatclub, Berlin.
24.05: Prinzenbar, Hamburg.
25.05: The Tube, Dusseldorf.
26.05: Jungle, Cologne.
28.05: Nachtleben, Frankfurt.
30.05: Ampere, Munich.
31.05: Groovestation, Dresden.

Check out Joel Sarakula’s Facebookpage for more infos.