Kitty Solaris has been on the Berlin underground scene since the mid 90s and has more than paid her dues. Kitty is incredibly active not just as a musician but also as label boss of the cult label Solaris Empire, which has released albums from the likes of Julia Holter, Man Behind Tree, Dan Freeman and the Serious, Junes, Sepiatone, Lasse Mathiesson, My Sister Grenadine and many more. Today she releases her brand new album SILENT DISCO.

A well known Berlin singer/songwriter in her own right, she follows the footsteps of her alltime favorites Velvet Underground, Patty Smith and Catpower. She has developed a unique pop voice, exploring lofi pop, experimental structures and disco-beat indie rock.

With her first album “Future Air Hostess” out in 2007, she has grown from strength to strength, touring, recording, and winning hearts and minds.

Now Kitty Solaris is releasing her new album Silent Disco, avaiblable through Broken Silence distribution in all good stores, plus of course from the Solaris Empire website.

The record release party is in Schockoladen on the 2nd March with support from Man Behind Tree at 8pm!