Tomorrow night Frannz Club plays host to Britain’s hottest indie-rock export, Blossoms.

They’ve played pretty much every big festival on their home island; twelve months ago they were listed on BBC Sound of 2016; they’re currently up for the sonorous BRITs Best British Breakthrough award. But their first album only came out last August, once the hype was already there.

In with the old, in with the new

What they’ve come out with is a smooth blend of classic and fresh. This in turn reflects the fact that as a bunch, they’re simultaneously peas in a pod and quite the fruit salad. On the one hand, they were all born in the same hospital and live within two miles of each other; on the other hand, they only fell together when each individual’s other bands had fallen apart.

They’ve ditched the uniform black roll-necks for a jumble sale of vintage looks. And although most listeners will struggle to discern these Stockport tones from, say, the Arctic Monkeys’ mardy Sheffield dialect or the Kaiser Chiefs’ Leeds accent, Blossoms seem to make efforts to move on from these comparisons.

A musical mosaic

“We’ve not considered ourselves a part of [any existing genre]”, they tell the Yorkshire Times when asked why they assign themselves to the category of ‘Ethereal Nostalgic Sonance’. Then in conversation with Louder than War, they list as influences the Zombies, Doors, Smiths… Sister Sledge, Abba, and Nile Rodgers. See for yourself:

It’s not the fact that they listen to a wide range of music that’s striking; it’s the way they rattle off all of those huge names on equal footing, never settling on one lead, as if they want to throw us off the scent. In reality, they sound pretty on-brand to what you’d expect from an all-male Northern indie-rock suit.

Youth on their side

Yes, they sound familiar, but not to the extent that you’d say you’d heard it before. There’s a reason they were the only guitar rock band on the BBC Sound of 2016. It’s their ability to channel a bit of everything, the same attitude which let them ride the loss of their original bands and form Blossoms.

Maybe that’s why they’re not sticking to the shoulders of the giants they stand on. It’s not that they think they’re million miles away; but they’ve got musical movement on the mind. They’re going places, these lads: catch them while you can.

Buy your tickets here from Loft: Frannz Club, Wednesday 15th February, 20h.