One of the bands birthed from the era of indie that bridged the gap between tight-jeans-only indie-pop of the Noughties and well-organised, mainstream band music, Local Natives, are coming to Hamburg on the tail of their third album ‘Sunlit Youth’.

An unaffected collection of young adulthood woe

Where 2009’s ‘Gorilla Manor’ still stands strong as an unaffected collection of young adulthood woe, the Los Angeles boys didn’t stray far enough from the sound (that they contributed in the developing of) with their follow-up ‘Hummingbird’, a sophomore that like so many others, it’s difficult to have an opinion about.

Sunlit Youth, however, is a damn good development. Local Natives sound like California, more so than ever, in 2008 ad 2016 combined, like a 4 dimensional dystopian fiction that takes you back and forward at the same time (think Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror).

You’re likely to feel like you’re in a music video

Sunlit Youth’s second track ‘Past Lives’ is reason enough to head to Übel und Gefährlich on 16 November to see Local Natives live. You’re likely to feel like you’re in a music video, Autumn in North California, the kids have grown up but they’re still hung at heart… you know exactly what I mean.

The charming, bold and often moody soundtrack couldn’t be better suited to Über und Gefährlich, the Mitte venue that sits on top of an old bunker. If you’re yet to check out one of the most visually striking venues in Hamburg, you couldn’t ask for a better gig to take your virginity.

Local Natives
Wednesday, November 16, 2016, €20.50
Übel und Gefährlich, Feldstraße 66, 20359 Hamburg

Photo courtesy of Umberto Rotundo under CC2 Creative Commons Licence