The Polish band formed when Izabela Rekowska came back to Poland from London where she learned how to play the banjo. Together with Augustyn Maciejowicz and Marcin Golebniak, all three members mixed their music influences – folk&blues, electronic-minimal and hip-hop – and turned into a new fresh form called Miss Is Sleepy. 

Having played at numerous festival and showcases across Europe, Miss Is Sleepy recently released a five-track EP titled “En Route”.

“You seduce me, you make wanna stay”

Scream Sealions” – opens up with a very 80’s synth sound infused with that country banjo feel, and its not too long till Izabela’s vocals take hold also. “You seduce me, you make wanna stay” those lyrics did indeed keep me hooked on what was to be awaited next in line.
“Release The Beast”  is more of a slower beast. Izabela’s vocals are more emphasised and it’s just a simple melodic synth with again the banjo at the back keeping it a loop.

“Coyote” takes you more on a Nevada desert voyage – hazy-dreamy guitar riffs, reverb working tirelessly on vocals, and the structure of the way the synth is played just infuses well with a banjo that simply yet so powerfully brings out the true essence of the track.

Imagine someone breathing at the back of your neck, haunting yet seducing

Roseanne” opens up in a more ghostly manner. Imagine someone breathing at the back of your neck, haunting yet seducing. Not sure if the song was written for a special someone, but for whoever it was written it will travel well within the electronic/dreamy-pop circuit.

En Route” closes off with “Sometimes Cryin” a track though the shortest in time from the lot, still a tale in its own manner. More of a story-telling structured piece, Miss Is Sleepy’s EP is a route that could take one to woodlands, deserts and childhood memories. It’s Huck Finn at its best, with a hypnotised voice and an accompanying banjo.

Their debut EP En Route  released on bandcamp end of February 2016.

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Interview by Shawn James