Featuring Molly Nilsson, Tendre Biche, Magic Island, acts invited by Shameless/Limitless and Mansions and Millions and more. The second and third waves of announcements should come soon.

Off-Kultur Festival is set for its launch at the end of the month. The event’s organisers describe it as a “three day festival between August 31st-September 2nd showcasing Neukölln music, in Neukölln”. And now for a bit of history. As can be read in their interview on Kaput, four Neukölln-based labels are at the origin of the festival.

Emma Czerny (Magic Island), Michael Aniser (Noisekölln), Kevin Halpin (Shameless/Limitless) and Anton Teichmann (Mansions and Millions) were disillusioned or disappointed with Pop-Kultur’s lineup last year. They stated their desire to highlight local acts and DJs. It was therefore decided they would organise their own little concurrent event while underlining this is no angry response to the quasi-namesake Pop-Kultur. All the more fun to be had in Neukölln before 9 to 5 life really starts again during the month of September.

Until the final two waves of announcement, here is the provisional lineup:

Tennis Café/Bar – Talk
Das Gift – Shameless/Limitless DJ
Finale Sportsbar – hosted by Flennen
Griessmuehle – Off-Kultur Opening Party w/ Half-Life Floor + TBA 
Zauberinsel – OMG#4 w/ Chikiss + OMEN

Das Gift – Kaput – Magazin für Insolvenz & Pop DJ
Finale Sportsbar – hosted by Flennen
Loophole Berlin – Shameless/Limitless w/ Tendre BicheSam Vance-Law + Sean Nicholas Savage DJ
Sameheads Berlin

Das Gift – Molly Nilsson DJ
FICKEN3000 – Noisekölln Tapes
Finale Sportswear
Loophole – Mansions and Millions w/ Better PersonMagic IslandJack ChosefKaroliniBobbypin. Party: Philip FM & Mona Lisa Disco
Zauberinsel – Haupstadt Karaoke w/ Cosmo & Blacky