Polly Trope is both an author, a singer and a musician. You can say she is gifted with a melody of words. Polly has called her new album a snack in between meals and she loves the cover on Lana del Rey’s album Born To Die. Read the interview with the multi-talent here. 

At the indieBerlin photo vernissage she will play her music for the guests

indieBerlin: We already know you as an author and are thrilled to hear you perform your music on the vernissage of the indieBerlin photo exhibition. What kind of music are you going to play?

Polly Trope: I will play piano and sing. It’s a mix of classical-inspired piano improvisation with a southern gothic kind of vocal. It’s all from my upcoming album “Songs about Giles” which is about a place where once upon a time convicts would receive their last cup of wine before being led to the gallows (the “Saint Giles bowl”).

I have myself gone to NA meetings in that church. So, ghost stories…

indieBerlin: So is music the second love after writing or is it just a different creative outlet for you?

Polly Trope: This album is a little intermezzo between my first book and my second. Like a snack in between meals that you shouldn’t really be having but I’m having it any way.

 indieBerlin: In writing lyrics for a song, is it similar to or very different from writing poems or a book?

Polly Trope: The songs come out of pieces that i had written for poetry performance nights. When you write a book, your audience is at a year’s remove and you won’t see their faces…

indieBerlin: On photos we often see you in some sort of disguise. Are you shy on camera or is this an artistic angle?

Polly Trope: These days everyone is a selfie queen. It’s just not fun any more.

indieBerlin: What’s a great photo in your eyes?

Polly Trope: Lana del Rey on the “Born To Die” album cover. 

indieBerlin: When the camera’s pointed at you, what qualitites do you like in a photographer?

Polly Trope: I like if the photographer has time and takes things in slowly. Don’t know why, but I do!

Thanks for the interview and we look forward to seeing and hearing you on the 18.2.2017 at the indieBerlin Vernissage Party at nhow.