Naomi Lareine is known for her bitter-sweet dulcet tones that sit perfectly amidst her sophisticated, r&b tinged releases. Hailing from Zurich, Naomi is a young singer recognised as one of the most promising voices from Switzerland. The new release, More & More, is a soulful house effort that boasts masterful vocal layers as-well-as the most mischevious of bass lines.

Naomi Lareine is an innovative, compelling artist that delivers a uniquely gentle melody, alongside powerfully led riffs and exquisite vocal control. Her narratives reflect her real-life experiences, meaning her music develops authentically and organically. Naomi debuted musically last year with the intricately smooth single, Sweet Latina. The track garnered over 75k in just a few weeks and saw huge support from her ever-growing Switzerland fanbase. Other predominant releases from Naomi include Issa Vibe and Get It. Both tracks built upon Naomi’s reputation as a dynamic and forward-thinking artist. Building up her musical accolades, Naomi has recently featured on the Swiss electro producer Cella’s work. The feisty Tell Me release caught the attention of even more key tastemakers in the field, as well as having the sought after spot of ‘song of the day’ in their home country. Looking forward to an international reach, the anticipation continues to builds towards Naomi’s first-ever EP – set for release later this year.

New single, More & More, is an enticing dose of modern r&b music. The turbulent tale follows relationship strife and unattainable expectations, on your self, and others. The track kicks off with velvety male and female harmonies that melt seamlessly into Naomi’s signature ad-libs. This is a truly vocal-heavy single that celebrates the evolution of traditional r&b, with delightfully cheeky elements of bass heavy dance.

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