Rhye is just what you need. It’s healthy for the soul and the rhythms will tickle your moves. Get some Rhye in Berlin on the 14th of August at Astra Kulturhaus or in Cologne on the 15th at Gloria Theater!

If you don’t know Rhye you’re in for a real treat. Many believe the voice is female. It’s male. It’s beautiful, sensual, seductive, and so is the soundscape opening doors to intimacy and dancing cheek to cheek. It’s R&B and both delicate and deep. I’d say Rhye could be the Marvin Gaye of today. It’s great for a sunny day, for a sad one, and sleepless nights. And don’t forget foreplay. And sex. Rhye knows how to make everything better. Delicious and yummy.

Rhye started as a duo consisting of Canadian singer and electronic musician Mike Milosh and Danish instrumentalist Robin Hannibal (Quadron). But Hannibal left the project last year and since then Milosh has tuned Rhye into a collective revolving around the musicians from the live band.

Live pleasure

Milosh is the man with the unbelievable voice. If you go to a concert – which you will after reading this – you’ll most likely observe some people in the audience who react quite surprised to this man on stage spellbinding everyone with his voice. The live band is amazing too. Everyone on stage has got that special feeling – they know how to take the music through its stages and bring the audience along.

This year the album Blood was released. And it’s bloody good. The mix of electronic and acoustic sounds is refreshing and the build-ups are perfect. Moreover, the album is very well produced.

Go to a concert with your one and only, bring all of your lovers or go alone and find someone. Or go simply to celebrate pleasure. It really doesn’t matter. You’ll make love to the moment at this concert. Come to Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin on the 14th of August – doors at 7.30 pm – or Gloria Theater in Cologne the day after – doors at 8 pm. Here’s the Facebook event for Berlin and the one for Cologne. Enjoy!