If you haven’t spent a Saturday night in one of Hamburg’s sauciest Jazz club’s, it’s about bloody time you did. Whether you’re an old time fan of Jazz and swing or not, Shreveport Rhythm will get your toe tapping like an unstoppable force of nature. A couple whiskies later and you will undoubtedly be dropping your hips to Hamburg’s most established quartet.

Shreveport Rhythm are the perfect initiation

The basement club boasts that it’s Hamburg’s first Jazz cellar and with gigs most nights of the week and a door fee usually under 10€, Shreveport Rhythm are the perfect initiation. If you’re a shameless Brit (like me), Cotton Club will inject the dose of pub life that you’ve been missing out on, yet naturally with a more typical German soul.

Cotton Club is an adventure

God damn that techno sheiße that we are all forced to feign desire for every weekend. Hot Jazz is the flavour now kids. The energy of the handsome foursome is bound to reflect in their performance and not only the obvious musical ability – ‘Bei mir bist du schön’, one of the bands vocal tracks, is a damn beauty of a head swinger. There’s something gruffly satisfying about hearing an old timer voice of the 1920’s/1930’s sing 5 German words with an American accent pulled out of an old movie.

Cotton Club is an adventure, grab the bull by its horns and two-step with it.