Mexican Radio are no newbies. With the two keyboardists/vocalists Nathaniel Fregoso and Dyan Valdes having spent a good number of years touring with their award-winning LA indie band My Blood Arm (which is what brought them to Berlin), they’ve been around the houses a few times. With Berliner drummer Hannes Neupert (Mokkers and a bunch more local bands that you’ll know) completing the line-up, they’re a trio who know what they’re doing.

these incredibly energetic live recordings that are bursting with energy, about to go off the rails at any time

And the experience shows: their gigs are impassioned but perfectly played; their songs are well put-together, and their lyrics are not those of a pissed off teenager moaning about the world. Even though they do seem a little…well…angry.

But if you’re writing a song based on the 19th Century Russian Nihilist movement and the murdering of a Russian tsar, I can undersand that things may seem a little dramatic, bleak…nihilistic even.

They wear uniforms (red coveralls with a white lightning bolt across the front – but get this – they have a DIFFERENT VERSION OF THE UNIFORM FOR REHEARSALS). They have a manifesto, which seems largely to spring from turning the limitations that life forced on them into exactly what defines them (synth punks only record analogue / synth punks don’t do overdubs / synth punk bands only have synths and drums as a line-up) – but then isn’t that what punk was always kind of about?

Well, that and spitting. But I guess synth punks draw the line somewhere.

Mexican Radio sums it up like this: “We didn’t have the time or the money for (expensive studios), it wasn’t an option for Mexican Radio. As a result, we turned out these incredibly energetic live recordings that are bursting with energy, about to go off the rails at any time. We didn’t have time to do hundreds of takes, so the recordings truly captured a moment in time – which we realized as we were recording, was exactly what we wanted.”

Mexican Radio are throwing a party at everyone’s favourite indierock club 8MM Bar, this Thursday night (22.8) to celebrate the release of not only their second single – Night of the Nihilist – but a video to go with it.

What do we think? We love it that they’ve defined themselves so exactly; that a lot of thought has gone into all aspects of this, and still – even though they’ve all been doing this a while – haven’t mellowed out, got jaded, or succumbed to the pressure to enact opuses or let themselves get stuck in a dying scene. And like, hey, the uniforms.

Mexican Radio Single and Video Release Party @ 8MM BAR, Berlin on Thursday 22nd August from 8pm. Entry 5€. Be there!

Meanwhile check out their previous single Kirchner in the Mountains below!