Warpaint’s bassist Jennylee Lindberg has recently released her solo album right on!, under the name of Jennylee.
While her bass is often the driving force behind Warpaint’s propulsive sound, Lindberg’s vocal work in that band was largely confined to background vocals, whereas with her new album Jennylee steps to the fore.

In an interview with DIY Magazine, Jennylee explained that she never enjoyed her raspy singing voice, and her discomfort would cause her to try and emulate voices of singers she admired rather than stick to her own. “The challenge was to make my voice sound as much like me as possible,” she said of this album. “That was when I started to enjoy my voice more, and singing became easier.”

The challenge was to make my voice sound as much like me as possible

Jennylee spent the last eleven years playing bass with Warpaint, but now she is ready to make the stage hers and next Monday she will be stepping up to that challenge at Frannz Club in Berlin on the 11th April!

Take a look at her single “Boom Boom.” where J.T. Gurzi directed the clip, which sees Jennylee dancing around a studio with her friend Micky Adams.

Jennylee “Boom Boom” v2 from JT Gurzi on Vimeo.