You’re in for a rowdy live-session when the British band Strange Bones visits Germany. Playing in Frankfurt this Thursday, Hamburg on Saturday, and Berlin on Sunday you’ve got plenty of opportunities to catch them. We strongly advise you to do so if you like real leatherjackets and indie-punk perfection.

Four blokes from Blackpool, United Kingdom, are making extremely energetic, noisy, dirty, and raw rock/indie-punk music (oh yeah, this music will definetly beat you up if you don’t jump along and sacrifice your control for the good of these distorting sound waves).

The four guys call their band Strange Bones. And “strange” is exactly how your bones will feel after an evening in their company. But (hopefully!) in a positive way. Bobby, singer and guitarrist, explains that the band has developed a very own style and way of performing. He calls it “off the bone!” – quite fitting considering Bobby’s several injuries during live shows… So take care of yourself. But not to much. You’ve got to use this opportunity to loose it and become one with the crowd.

A Strong Cocktail

Strange Bones sounds like a mixture of Arctic Monkeys, Rancid, UK SUBS, The Clash – and something off the bone; which is really quite unique. The four blokes have known each other since kindergarten and they founded their first band when they were only nine years old. They’re living the dream and they’re good at it. So you should let them use their electric guitars, bass and loud drums to set you on fire. Bring your leatherjacket – sweat is guaranteed anyway.

Strange Bones are playing live in Frankfurt at Ponyhof on Thursday, hitting Hamburg on Saturday at Molotow, and blowing Berlin away at Privatclub on Sunday. Check them out on Facebook. (Psst… It’s not enough to check them out online and listen at home – live is really the key here.)