Untamed madness and crazed laziness. Swutscher celebrates their first album in Hamburg on the 1st of June at Aalhaus.

“Swutscher” is Platt German for people with a sloppy or licentious lifestyle. No, Swutscher couldn’t have chosen a more suiting band name. Beers and cigarettes and a lazy but resolute we-do-what-we-want behaviour is how the six men in the band approach their audience. This drunken attitude is contagious, refreshing, and quite a lot of fun.

The Hamburg band released their first EP Wahnwitz in 2016. It’s a mixture of garage, folk, country, and rock with honest, stimulating lyrics of situations we all know from our everyday lives. It’s simple and direct. Don’t make a fuss about it. It’s all in German but don’t worry if you don’t understand it – you’ll get the message from the music.

A solid core in the music.

This spring – ahead of the debut album – Swutscher has been touring all over Germany together with indie pop band Isolation Berlin. Now Swutscher’s debut Wilde Deutsche Prärie is finally out. The first single from the album is called Im Westen and has a wonderful gypsy vibe to it. It makes feet move and brings out associations to alternative rock bands like Norwegian Kaizers Orchestra who dare to expose all sorts of musical styles in their soundscape – and do this successfully because of a solid and personal core in the music.

Swutscher has been satisfying the restless souls of their audience in endless venues, clubs, bars, and festivals like Reeperbahn. This band should be experienced live. No doubt about it. They’ve already created an interesting reputation… Now Aalhaus in Hamburg is up for a special treat on the 1st of June with the release show of the debut album. If you can’t make it, check out their event page on Facebook to find a concert near you. They’re playing lots of shows.