Five men playing folk rock with power, pleasure, and the odd bit of tension. It’s simple, it’s good and it’s easy to get addicted.

The Builders and The Butchers are arriving in Germany all the way from Portland, Oregon, playing shows in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Leipzig – and many other towns. Originally they’re from Alaska, seeking escape from the cold weather and darkness by moving away and playing music.

The music has an interesting punk vibe and a wildness almost bursting to be released and cut free. Being able to create such a restlessness using acoustic instruments is a quite unique thing about The Builders and The Butchers – and a quite rare ability within the folk rock genre in general. Singer and guitarrist, Ryan Sollee, explains: “I was raised on Punk Rock but when I moved to Portland I discovered American Roots music. It felt as though there were similarities between the two styles. They are both genres that you cannot passively listen to, they almost evoke a response or an immediate reaction from you.” Pitchfork and The Wall Street Journal – among many others – agree on praising the band in their reviews. It makes sense.

The Builders and The Butchers are an intense and energetic live band with more than ten years of experience. They break down barriers between stage and audience by making the audience participate in singing along, handing out instruments, or simply coming down from the stage and performing on the floor right in the middle of the crowd.

In other words: Coming to a live show with these guys is a really good idea. It will be an experience you won’t regret. They play in Berlin on Wednesday, Jena on Thursday, Hamburg on Friday – and many other towns during first third of June. So off you go…

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Tour dates in Germany

30.05: Berlin, Badehaus.
31.05: Jena, Rosenkeller.
01.06: Hamburg, Nochtwache.
02.06: Chemintz, Fuego A La Isla Festival.
03.06: Cottbus, Zum Faulen August.
04.06: Frankfurt, Brotfabrik.
06.06: Nuremberg, Muz.
07.06: Stuttgart, Goldmarks.
08.06: Pfarrkirchen, Club Bogaloo.
09.06: Leipzig, Kulturzentrum So & So.