indieBerlin is proud to present Australian-born indie star Julia Jacklin in Grüner Salon Thursday 16th February and we’ve got a couple of free tickets on offer.

Julia Jacklin has been an indieBerlin favourite ever since we saw her at Maze last year (and interviewed her of course) and only four months later she’s already back for more, and we’re happy to be presenting the Julia Jacklin German tour. If Thursday is anything like the last gig, the evening holds promises of solo charisma and group accord as she returns with her backing band.

Jacklin told us back then that she loved playing with a band – and who wouldn’t! – but for us mere spectators, it’s all about the woman herself. Her mild but unapologetic manner flouts the brash Ozzie stereotype; she’s caught your attention long before she closes her eyes to sing.

Jacklin’s singing achieves an intensity of expression rare to the musical landscape

If you still need convincing, look no further than our concert review from October. Julia runs the show, sure, but every single person on stage plays their part, from the playful lead strings to the magnetic bassist.

And at the end of it all, it comes back to her, closing the night with “aching and longing” in her voice. Beneath the guise of effortless chic, Jacklin’s singing achieves an intensity of expression rare to the musical landscape. “I’m actually saying some pretty hard stuff,” she tells ‘triple j’. “I get emotional if I see someone in the crowd get emotional. But it’s hard to get into that mode every night”.

As much as her lyricism and unaffected air, it’s her authenticity that draws you in and strings you along. Jacklin gives the impression of an ordinary girl capable of extraordinary beauty.

Her debut album ‘Don’t Let The Kids Win’ (available on vinyl) was out last year, but it still feels hot to the touch. If her career goes on as it has begun, this could be a gig to remember down the line.

To win the tickets write to win (at) All Tomorrows