Canadian pop weirdos Weaves will be playing Berlin’s Fluxbau on June 2nd. All Tomorrows Parties has two tickets available for whoever wins the raffle.

Exploding out of the Toronto scene, what brought Weaves together was their blend of pop and weirdness. Never one to quake before scuppering people’s preconcieved ideas, singer Jasmyn Burke and guitarist Morgan Waters, the two founding members, possess the ability to repel and attract in somewhat equal measures. Meaning that they’ve built up a diehard hardcore fanbase and eschewed any attempts by anyone to make them mainstream. God bless them!

The band has so far released three singles, an early warning they might be releasing an album soon. All Tomorrows Parties had the opportunity to catch up with them for an interview back in March.

Weaves are in Berlin on the 2nd of June at Fluxbau and All Tomorrows Parties are very happy to be presenting the concert – check them out below and write to win at All Tomorrows Parties.de or write into the comments below, to be the happy ones who win the tickets.

Are you interested in going to their concert? Write to us (win at All Tomorrows Parties.de) or leave a comment below.