Dear Reader’s national tour begins in Berlin on Saturday, and to celebrate that we’re offering two tickets to All Tomorrows Parties readers, in conjuction with Loft Concerts.

It’s a huge week for Dear Reader. Not only is the freshly reformed four-piece kicking off a nationwide series of concerts at Lido supported by Port Noo. But the very day before is the release day of their fourth studio album Day Fever.

Maybe it’s unfair to say its “their” fourth. The current lineup has been assembled just for this tour. The identity of ‘Dear Reader’ is constantly shifting, but it orbits around one constant: the talented, charismatic singer-songwriter Cherilyn MacNeil.

Dear Reader as featured on All Tomorrows Parties

Photos by Shane Thomas McMillan

A South African and adoptive Berliner, MacNeil is the queen of musical collaboration. Each album runs a small-print list of dozens of featured musicians on a whole host of instruments. This year she’s knuckled down with three more Berlin-based women, Evelyn Saylor, Stella Veloce and Olga Nosova, bringing us a treat all too rarely enjoyed: an all-female gig lineup.

MacNeil’s guest list goes on and on insatiably, and the reason for this becomes apparent when you listen to Rivonia, her previous studio album. More than ever before, the Dear Reader sound is an exaltation of Big Arrangements: bursting with orchestral and choral grandeur, grounded by the animalistic energy of folk.

As you can see, the aesthetic of Dear Reader’s projects is as well-executed as the music itself. Victory is the final number on Rivonia, an album where every song refers to a chapter of South African history. The combination of spectacle, sound and message recalls musical theatre at its finest (think Hair and Hamilton), retelling tales with new vigour and relevance.

This Saturday you won’t be facing a full professional film-score orchestra, unlike the last album. But a quick tour of the four’s professional profiles should whet your appetite. It’s bound to be an irresistible offering, artfully balancing the most unexpected ingredients.

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