The information surrounding Puschenfest is all very mysterious.

Oh, what, you haven’t heard of Puschenfest?
Honestly I don’t blame you. No offense to the organizers, but the two-day festival, which will take place November 16th and 17th at Festsaal Kreuzberg, seems a little under-advertised; perhaps intentionally? Perhaps it’s part of the charm? I have to say that even as someone whose ear is firmly (probably obsessively) planted to the ground in terms of upcoming shows, this one caught me off-guard and seemed to casually manifest out of nowhere, no more than a random chance-encounter on Facebook.

Other than the lineup, stage times, and Festival playlist (see below) the details are quite limited. We know that Puschenfest is resurfacing after a five-year hiatus. We know it will also be the fifth edition. We know it is organized by the folks over at Puschen, promoters for shows and tours. But most of all, we know the line-up is Kick-ass!

Even the artists, though all amazing and slightly obscure, seem to have little in common, making the festival even more mysterious as a concept. My best guess is that they’re held together by being somewhat undefinable, genre-bending and fringe.

US Girls appearing at Puschenfest!

US Girls appearing at Puschenfest!

To give you a better idea, Friday night will feature, lo-fi acoustic folk/rock songwriter Saba Lou, post-punk band Ought, teeanage-heartbreak-pop meets lo-fi from Girl Ray, and the experimental-pop solo project U.S. Girls.

Saturday will showcase drag “confrontation-pop” from Cindy Lee, the experimental-folk of Circuit Des Yeux and Scout Niblett, post-punk/garage rock/ porto-grunge band Repetitor, neo-krautrock Klaus Johann Grobe, and garage/psych The LimiƱanas. Quite a mouthful but so, so exciting.

And you can win tickets by writing to info (at)! Let’s see what happens!